Bentley Ultratank. The first run.



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    We have created real evil. This is Bentley Ultratank - real Bentley on the tracks. He rides on any type of coverage and does it comfortably.
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    svastonov - ребята с нашего двора pt.2
    вкладываюдушу - целовались по дружбе
    13 - woo
    yavnoe bessilie - hatred
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    1. Константин Марков

      Представляю какую гордость испытывают механики которые разрабатывали и скрещивали гусеницы с бентли, красава!!!!!!

    2. Dumitru Frunza

      Once again, this confirms that when Russians try to build a car, it always comes out as a tank.

    3. Yakuza

      i want to see this taken to a detailing shop

    4. John Klise

      At first I was like "what kind of madman would build such a thing" so I clicked on it, then I heard him speaking Russian and I was like "Ah, of course"

    5. Parker Ahlander

      I have a new level of respect for Russians. Amazing video and keep up the good work!

    6. Petter Bruland

      Loved the engineering, the cinematography, the music, and the awesome positive attitude. Thanks for making this video, it was awesome!!

    7. Александр Зайцев

      Костян, срочно ищи человека который сделает тебе английские субтитры. Твои проекты должны видеть ВСЕ!

    8. Bogdan Lyashenko

      Not only is a Bentley Tank unheard of, but this kind of cinematography is unseen. Well Done!

    9. Chad the Duck

      This is why you need to chose the right mechanic when getting an air filter change in Russia

    10. Rohit Kashyap

      Saw the thumbnail : "its probably CGI"

    11. Sunken Ark

      Не устаю пересматривать эти проезды. Самый любимый момент с

    12. William Grissom

      That should definitely be featured in a James Bond movie.

    13. Алихан

      Я хочу видеть лица инженеров компании "Бентли"...

    14. Mark Nonnenmacher

      This is so wonderful!! To me this is a mechanical artform. I look forward to seeing how the Ultratank develops. One thought, how about adding armored skirts to the tread chassis?

    15. _ocularfroggy_★

      Great job guys, I absolutely love it. Keep up to good work and best regards from Prague.

    16. cornellius01

      I feel like this would void the warranty

    17. Н У

      Костя, это выход на международный уровень! Делай субтитры и english version!

    18. Clockwork Ape


    19. Biteeliy

      Никогда не думал, что "Бентли на гусеницах" будет звучать реалестичнее чем "ламба от Стрыкаловского"

    20. Julio icaza

      Excelente tu proyecto y veo que no te desanimas , respectos a los problemas con los que te topas en el camino , recuerda que las grandes obras y los grandes inventos no se realizaron de un día a otro , sus creadores también pasaron por años de pruebas y problemas para lograr su éxito , todo mi apoyo y bendiciones desde Guayaquil Ecuador